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In addition to a statement from ZUN, the site also includes an updated list of fanwork guidelines. It seems they'll add an English version later but I've included a quick translation below. The original can be found here.

- Notice said work is derivative of the Touhou Project series

- Content that harms the Touhou Project image
- Content that infringes or could infringe on the rights of others
- Content that could be misconstrued as an official Touhou Project work
- Using and releasing Touhou Project game resources besides screenshots and gameplay videos
- Revealing the endings of the original games
- Using the original game or fan works to express personal thoughts (NOTE: probably refers to political statements and the like)
- Republishing the fan works of others without permission
- Content that contains extreme sexual expressions, libel against specific people, organizations, races, etc., or is otherwise seen as excessively contrary to societal norms
- USING ANY PHOTO OF ZUN, ALTERED OR OTHERWISE, WITHOUT PERMISSION as he himself is not part of the Touhou Project series

Allowed Fan Mediums:
Fan works may only be distributed anywhere the original works are sold or through approved channels.

Specific examples: Doujin events, doujin shops (physical or online), individually approved events or channels, personal mail order (physical goods only), digital comics through BOOK WALKER, digital music through the Touhou Doujin Music Channel, download shops where the original games are sold, paid events where circles can participate, etc.

Smartphone apps can only be distributed for free. in-app ads with the option to pay to remove them are allowed.
Fan-made videos (including footage of the original games) may be uploaded to video sites.
In other examples, include note that permission was obtained.
Anything not falling within the above must ask for permission.
Team Shanghai Alice is not responsible for any trouble that arises from fan works.
Please take personal responsibility.
For-profit businesses wishing to make a derivative work or engage in fan activity must ask beforehand.

The purpose of the guidelines is to allow for smooth fan activity.
Individual questions or reports about the guideline or fan works will not be answered.
Anything that deviates greatly from the guidelines will prompt direct contact.
These guidelines may change at any time.

Previous Guidelines
Guidelines published previously also still apply, so please check those as well.
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