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Touhou School Mini Project
« on: September 04, 2021, 06:30:09 PM »
Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a little Google Slide project I did for my English/Literacy class as an introduction type thing since school started. We were supposed to make a "bumper sticker" to tell a little more about us.

Here are the directions (spoilered due to length):

Create a bumper sticker using a Google slide that reflects one unique part of your identity  ( i.e. hobbies, interests, likes, personality, values etc.) including the following:
A title that is YOUR NAME
Image(s) and slogan (try to be original and not just cut and paste one you find on google) that helps to illustrate what part of your identity you are focusing on.
A short explanation of your image(s) and slogan that you plan to share in class with your peers.
Color/decorate your bumper sticker to show your personal style  (consider graphics, background color, font color...etc)
Turn in your google slide to this assignment via the URL shareable link by the due date
For Friday's class, be prepared to share your bumper sticker with the class including WHY you chose the image (s) and slogan.

P.S. I have my name here, but I added "(Okuu's Fallout for those on MotK)" so you'll know it's me.

Re: Touhou School Mini Project
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It's great to spread the word of Touhou

Re: Touhou School Mini Project
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Sounds like a good idea.