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C62 circle cut girl was actually cirno - Roashiki

Which video games (non-Touhou) would you play with your Touhou / Seihou girl? - KharaPlz

New ZUN Music CD Announcement : 虹色のセプテントリオン (Septentrion of Rainbow Colors(?)) - Suspicious person

The "Original" Concealed the Conclusion's Soundtrack - Kotоhime

What's going on with the touhou wiki? - Roashiki

Where can I get MIDI versions of the songs from Kaisendou games (e.g. TLC)? - KharaPlz

Touhou-style Fanmade Music Albums Thread: Overhaul and update - Popcioslav

ZUN's instruments and styles - Kotоhime

What if we assigned each Touhou character one language? - indepth6

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