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Title: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on September 02, 2020, 06:39:24 PM
Use this thread to talk about Touhou World Records and to share and discuss recently achieved WR scores by various players. I may from time to time give an update on new records. For known World Records and MoTK records, refer to this spreadsheet (

Most of the MoTK records have their links replaced since went down last year and have been archived on Maribel's website. For scene game, shottype and route-specific records, I recommend checking out the following links:
Title: Re: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on October 17, 2020, 09:16:36 PM
Time for the periodic update!

- TD Hard Youmu 4,042,456,790 ( by Aha
 Yes, this means the overall highest score in the game is now on Hard and not Lunatic.

- LoLK Extra Reisen 1,016,971,530 ( by kisara
Technically an old record but it's being updated to this, as 镜 (mirror) supposedly cheated using slowdown in all of his replays, including his Sanae LNN.

- WBaWC Easy Marisa-Otter 4,853,846,310 ( by にぼし (nibooji)
- WBaWC Normal Marisa-Otter 7,846,076,340 ( by にぼし (nibooji)
As a bit of interesting background on にぼし, he has actually been more well known as ISO (among many other aliases). A scoreplayer who has been active in scoring, finding strategies and setting records in EoSD to UFO in 2006 to 2009 and being one of the best modern arcade shmup players as well.

- WBaWC Extra Marisa-Otter 2,774,430,020 ( by すいれん (suiren)
And lastly, a big 100m improvement after Suiren putting the category aside for half a year.
Title: Re: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on December 03, 2020, 04:09:43 PM
Time to review some more recent superplay activity. And a pretty big post this time around!

- PoFV Normal Shikieiki 638,560,680 ( by rurorulu
- PoFV Hard Shikieiki 714,815,370 ( by rurorulu
- PoFV Extra Reisen 336,578,790 ( by rurorulu
Rurorulu completely crushed the old overall records of PoFV Normal and Hard previously held by FSX, by a whopping 115 million and 96 million respectively. This is mostly thanks to the really really long first Reimu rounds. His first round on Normal lasted 17 minutes and 41 seconds, in which the opponent Reimu only got hit once. His first round on Hard lasted 15 minutes and 42 seconds, in which AI Reimu never got hit. This may very well be the last time a relatively old game will see this huge of an improvement. He also beat the Extra record by 13 million, also held by FSX. This player has actually been crushing alot of records over the past year and is currently very close to sweeping the entire game. His record count is currently at 57 out of 70. The most notable ones he's missing are most Youmu records and the overall WR.

- TD Normal Youmu 2,087,471,200 ( by Aha
Aha beat another overall TD record from leo, making an 11 million improvement over leo's score.

- DDC Lunatic SakuyaB 2,235,677,010 ( by kkkn
An almost 4-year old overall record from 苏 (SenCy) has been beaten by kkkn. He has scored DDC for a little while this year and submitted this to RF almost 4 months after achieving this score.

- HSiFS Hard Aya-Autumn 6,221,076,070 ( by MTR
MTR is mostly known for his Autumn records on Easy, but he's recently picked up Hard and improved sonitsuku's record by almost 400 million.

- HSiFS Lunatic Aya-Autumn 9,655,555,700 by そにつく (sonitsuku)
sonitsuku is still optimizing Lunatic which allowed him to improve the old record by 50 million last week. There is no replay or video of this run, but if you're looking for his old record, that one can be found in the history section of RoyalFlare.

- WBaWC Hard Marisa-Otter 9,645,879,800 by にぼし (nibooji / ISO)
This score also has no replay but there is a 9.420b run on RF that he got shortly before this one. Nibooji is actually planning to counterstop Hard with Marisa-Otter, however hasn't been successful yet. He has however gotten a counterstop on Lunatic with Marisa and Youmu. With Reimu he's currently very close to achieving counterstop as well, sitting at a PB of 9.946b (

In other news, today I've found a new reliable source for new records, that being a that appears to be written by K・G (the link was edited into the first post). Within this website I've discovered three overall records that were previously thought to have no public replay at all, among some other records. The overall records I found are izumico's EoSD Extra ReimuB record (678,104,400) (,  RB's LoLK Hard Reisen record (2,866,722,150) ( and sonitsuku's HSiFS Normal Aya-Autumn record (5,588,312,070) ( Given these replays I only just now found on this Japanese database, means they may've eluded the English community completely. Izumico did upload his run to YouTube but soon after privated it. Some other (shottype) records that were dug up from this, are いな's PCB Extra MarisaB record (1,244,834,970) (, leo's TD Easy Reimu record (1,003,182,120) (, まふらー's TD Normal Reimu record (1,874,534,380) (, まふらー's TD Hard Reimu record (3,401,321,150) (, leo's TD Lunatic Sanae record (3,260,257,490) (, lyrica's TD Lunatic Marisa record (3,713,338,190) ( What this website also reveals is that st and coco are both the same player and that YASU, sogebu and Eon are all the same player. The English Touhou Wiki does make mention of YASU and Eon being one and the same, but not sogebu.
Title: Re: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on January 01, 2021, 02:58:28 PM
Making the last update for 2020 scores:

- PoFV Easy Reisen 309,939,750 ( by Rurorulu
Rurorulu yet again makes massive improvements in the overall PoFV records. This despite getting hit and dying on Stage 8, missing out on alot of maxed out Spell Points.

- UFO Lunatic SanaeB 3,507,266,880 ( by K・G
K・G improved the UFO record to 3.5b. By the looks of it he loses a bit of score on Stage 5 and 6 compared to his old high score, so his potential for this run was at least 3.53b.

- TD Lunatic Youmu 4,077,572,130 ( by Aha
TD's overall record is back to being on Lunatic. The overall record seems to be going towards gaining another oku soon!

- HSiFS Lunatic Aya-Autumn 9,668,092,090 by そにつく (sonitsuku)
Small improvement by sonitsuku on his HSiFS score. There's no replay or video so there's no details about the run, other than the obvious fact that it scores higher.

- WBaWC Hard Marisa-Otter 9,701,430,280 ( by Borealis
Borealis made a retaliation move by beating Nibooji's record. His own description on his run impies his biggest mistakes are in Stage 2 and 4. Taking out these mistakes may allow counterstop to happen. The question is who will do it first?
Title: Re: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on March 01, 2021, 09:46:22 PM
Time for the next WR update:

- SoEW Lunatic ReimuA 45,365,780 ( by Miler
The overall record of SoEW was improved. Miler opted out of doing suicides at the very start and instead lets the lives cap in favor for more bombs.
- PoDD Lunatic Kotohime 136,008,780 ( by Veresdon
A new PoDD player has risen to bring PoDD further after many years. Aside from this 136m run, he also got 134m with Chiyuri with even a spare life left. We can expect him to bring his overall score well above 140m, given he only started his PoDD efforts 1 year ago. As a little disclaimer, this is the same player who has been accused of suspicious play in PCB and MoF, though did prove himself in MoF. Same thing happened with PoDD where he did prove himself (despite suspicious behavior), but I suggest everyone comes to their own conclusion in regards to this and other achievements.

- SA Easy MarisaA 771,014,960 ( by ior
Given MarisaA is able to use more bombs, the record managed to overtake MarisaB now, despite having a weaker Stage 4 first nonspell. ior (formerly known as LILI) managed to get 45,166 graze throughout the run, all thanks to quite a number of new graze optimizations found and by doing even more aggressive grazing overall. The old record with MarisaB by Cerasis got 36,709 graze, so that ended up being a huge grazing improvement. It should be noted that between this score and the previously recorded record on these forums ZJM beat the overall Easy record first with a score of 726,591,710 with MarisaA. ior has also crushed every other records (except MarisaB) previously held by morth.

- TD Lunatic Youmu 4,120,162,760 ( by Aha
This record came about only a few days after the last update and as predicted, the overall high score gained another oku, by 20 million even.

- TD Extra Marisa 609,777,820 ( by K・G
morth's record from 2016 has been confirmed to be beaten. "Confirmed" because there is actually a 660m run that leo did, but there's no replay of it. This is what was written down on his Twitch channel, though I wasn't able to find his channel anymore. If anyone can confirm the existence of his run it would be a great help, as 660m from the old record being 608m, is an enormous increase.

- WBaWC Normal MarisaOtter 7,904,307,440 by にぼし (nibooji)
7.9b has been achieved on Normal. Perhaps time to make the prediction of a new billion being achieved soon?

- WBaWC Hard MarisaOtter 9,727,599,330 by にぼし (nibooji)
Nibooji snatched the Hard record back from Borealis by 26 million. While I do see the counterstop happening on Hard, it may still be a while until we see it, given the mere gradual improvements, but from what I recall nibooji said it can be done.
Title: Re: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on May 03, 2021, 04:14:41 PM
Second WR update of this year:

- SA Lunatic ReimuA 5,255,737,110 ( by ior
ior made one last improvement in this game. I say last as I've heard all he wanted to do is make one more improvement in this category before quitting. I don't know if this is true or if he'll change his mind eventually but he did delete all of his scores from RF. This includes all scores and records he's gotten in DS this past year.

- TD Extra Marisa 660,499,000 ( by leo
This is a score that leo achieved in early 2020, but only recently did the exact score come to light and a video showcasing his replay. This replay was most likely uploaded as a video as a means of reference material for the upcoming TD Extra Scoring match in Touhou World Cup 2021 (, as he privated the video soon after. The video is no longer viewable, but you can still find it if you search in archives. You will have to go find it yourself to view it. I will not link you to one.

- LoLK Lunatic Reisen 3,423,040,620 ( by ますこ (Masuko)
ますこ managed to beat RB's relatively long standing overall record by 10 million. This is seemingly a new player who we don't know much about. He didn't submit any replay but it would be cool if RB got himself some genuine competition. RB himself is currently working on 3.2b with Sanae.

- HSiFS Lunatic AyaAutumn 9,884,713,340 ( by そにつく (sonitsuku)
sonitsuku made a huge improvement of 216 million as of recently. While this does make it seem that a counterstop is around the corner, given how many hours sonitsuku has already put into the game, I expect this won't yet happen. It's still possible there's some big improvements to be found however.

- WBaWC Hard MarisaOtter 9,727,599,330 ( by にぼし (nibooji)
nibooji got the record back from Borealis with a small improvement. He posted this about 2 months after achieving this, meaning he had this score in January already.

Title: Re: Touhou Hall of Records
Post by: KirbyComment on August 01, 2021, 05:54:31 PM
WR update the third.

- LLS Lunatic Marisa 141,398,870 by Miler.
A few days ago upon posting this, Miler beat the overall Lunatic score by 18m, previously held by Pearl. To clarify, this is not the overall record, as this is still held on Hard. This was streamed on Twitch, but there's no highlight or upload. If you see this post within the next week and a half, you can still find it.

- UFO Lunatic SanaeB 3,616,918,520 ( by K・G.
K・G improved the overall record by an astonishing 109m. A huge improvement. His improvements allowed his ending PIV go from 127,050 to 131,030.

- TD Extra Marisa 661,397,340 ( by morth.
Yes morth returned to Touhou scoring, after an absence of several years and has put his focus on TD Extra. leo's record has been beating by almost a million, but morth has also improved the records of other characters for Extra, by a much greater margin.

- DDC Lunatic SakuyaB 2,425,434,160 ( by kkkn.
After several smaller improvements, kkkn passed two 100m thresholds, bringing the overall record to 2.4b. The only obvious big mistake that was made in this run is that kkkn failed the first Stage 6 spell. The last Stage 4 spell was capped that very often causes a death or bomb.

- LoLK Lunatic Reisen 3,517,338,080 ( by RB.
It's been about 1½ years since RB has been inactive, but perhaps when his overall record got stolen, he felt the need to make a comeback. As such he improved Masuko's run by 94m.

- HSiFS Lunatic Aya-Autumn 9,921,611,140 by そにつく (sonitsuku).
sonitsuku keeps milking the smallest improvements out of this category, as he now reached the final 100m threshold. The only milestone left is to counterstop, which is slowly looking more possible. But just possible for him, as he's still very far ahead of everyone else. This run has no replay or video I know of.

- WBaWC Normal Marisa-Otter 7,961,100,100 by にぼし (nibooji, ISO).
This run was actually done in March this year, but I wasn't aware of this one at the time. Nibooji decided to not upload this replay. Possibly he's waiting until the next billion is being achieved.

Between now and the previous post UM (Unconnected Marketeers) has been released, which hasn't yet been implemented in the spreadsheet linked in the top post. I could edit this in but I don't want to break anything in regards to the miscellanous statistics, so I'll let Karisa do it. The overall records from Easy to Lunatic to Extra are respectively 1,786,214,730 (, 6,522,829,390 (, 9,999,999,990 (, 9,999,999,990 ( and 6,806,068,910 ( Yes the scoring system is even more broken than any other, so both Hard and Lunatic have already been counterstopped (Lunatic in the first day even). One peculiar thing is that coco (, also known as st, achieved the overall Normal and Hard records. He's known for many records in EoSD to IN set around 2010 to 2015.