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Title: [AoCF] Netplay Patch
Post by: Tom on June 04, 2020, 03:08:23 AM
AoCF Netplay Patch
Enables high-ping connections and implements delay based latency compensation

AoCF Discord ( (Support / Finding Games) ~ Lunar IRC ( channel #lunar)

The program implements delay based lag compensation for smoother gameplay* in addition to fixing the blackscreen softlock when connecting to high-ping games.
Follow the linked instructions prior to use, any questions already answered in the instructions will be ignored.

Link (Instructions on page): [Download Page] (
Whitelisting the EXE and/or DLL might be required if live-monitor antivirus systems are in use. (Search for "whitelist", "exception" or "exclusion")

Only the non host must have the patch for the black-screen fix to work.
Both players must have the patch installed for delay based netplay to work effectively.


*Actual gameplay experience may vary depending on network conditions, an Ethernet connection with ~300ms or lower ping is recommended. This is provided free of charge, the author(s) and contributor(s) make no guarantees for fitness for any particular purpose.

Do not redistribute or mirror without explicit written permission.