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Title: ECL Modding Resources
Post by: WishMakers on April 19, 2020, 08:10:43 PM
This is a group of info copied from the ZUNcode server that contains major resources for ECL mods.
Join here if you're interested! (
Feel free to reply below with more resources and/or information regarding ECL modding.
Quote resources
- ECL tutorial:
- ECL instruction table:
- ECL variable table:
- ECL enemy flag tables:
- STD tutorial:
- STD instruction table:
documentation by dass
- main page, includes things such as EoSD ECL documentation as well as (mostly incomplete) information about other games
THBWiki documentation (Chinese)
- ECL documentation:脚本对照表/ECL, google translate link:脚本对照表/ECL
- ANM documentation:脚本对照表/ANM, google translate link:脚本对照表/ANM
- other documentation (MSG, SHT, STD):脚本对照表/其他, google translate link:脚本对照表/其他
thtk, thcrap
Very important modding tools.
- thtk:
- thcrap: