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What will you do in Gensokyo?

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If you, out of nowhere, get transported to Gensokyo, and you have no tool to defend yourself. What will you do?

Get Eaten by Rumia
Get Pranked by Fairies
Be Victim to Yukari Fooling Around Again.
Alright, apart from the obvious circumstances.
I would run as fast as possible to the nearest Hill or Mountain. Good Luck and it's either The Hakurei Shrine or the Youkai Mountain which has an escalator to the Moriya Shrine. Bad Luck and it's the Nameless Hill and I can only pray that my death will be short.
If I survive and gain any sort of stability, I would probably start studying Theology or the ecology of the Youkai in Gensokyo.
Studying the Divinty and their nature falls perfectly in line with most other residents and wouldn't raise any brows. Studying the Youkai might get me accused of being part of Secret History Society or something. However, it's gamble that's much safer than the initial one of survival

Depends on where i spawn. I will either get eaten by a youkai or safely taken home by Reimu or others. Gensokyo is vast, really vast and almost every place is lethal to humans. If i do spawn in, let's say the human village i will probably ask for help but it would be useless cause nobody in Gensokyo speaks or understands Italian (or any other language that isn't japanese for that matter). There's no true way of surviving it :(

If dropped off in the middle of nowhere, shout for Yukari, saying I'm probably sick and can cause an epidemic if eaten by youkai.

If/once in safety of the village, would apprentice to a local healer or herbalist, so that I could deal with my frequent sicknesses at least. In case of language barrier being a thing, I think I'd actually pick up Japanese quickly, since last time I binged anime I did start understanding spoken language somewhat.

If Sumireko is any indication, picking up magic isn't THAT hard in Gensokyo. I do have quite high energy levels, if I do say so myself, so I might end up being able to use it quite quickly. Not just for self-defense, but for healing as well, lay-on-hands style. Another way I could be helpful to people there. That would also mean I could brave traveling outside the village to get in touch with and help the incident resolvers. Might try to get friendly with some youkai girls, for extra safety and fun. Definitely would drop by Kourin's, to school him on use of items and maybe swindle him out of a few. Maybe might even do business with the bigger places, like Scarlet Devil Mansion or House of Eternity.

As much as I appreciate the setting, there's simply nothing for me to do in Gensokyo, so I'd just go taunt Yuuka.


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