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I'm going to revive a thread from the old MotK forums --> https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php?topic=20805.0. The reason is because the thread here made me interested about what's our personalities that are similar to the Touhou characters. First, I'll tell mine.

My closest personality similar to a Touhou character is Nitori Kawashiro. (Huh, surprising...)

Well, let's see the runner-up!

... So, I'm Aya. I mean, I CAN be a very curious guy at times, if I'm in a good mood, so maybe it suits me.

So, go check it out. And respond after completing it. Don't worry, it isn't long  :meiling: .

My favorite character is Marisa, but I actually identify more with Reimu.

I've had a privileged life, not lavish or anything, but throughout my childhood and adulthood things just went really smoothly for me. Middle school and high school were fine, got out of college without too much difficulty, got into a good job, got promoted at said job, each step has just felt awkwardly successful.

There might be impostor syndrome/perfectionism in there somewhere, but I'll disregard that.

Which reminds me of Reimu, who's naturally talented, "coasting" through life as it is, but somewhat lazy and a bit aimless. So I identify with her a lot.

oh, I just realized this is an actual personality quiz not just a discussion topic lol. Taking the quiz now.....

I got Mokou and Reisen :P

--- Quote ---You are ...

    More Specialized than Open
    More Headstrong than Flexible
    More Innocent than Knowledgeable
    More Isolationist than Intervening
    More Utilitarian than Harmonious
--- End quote ---

Here's the app, for convenience:
(credits to lonemaestro)

My results this time are... Suika and Marisa? Well, I wouldn't say I like Suika much, but I do respect her for being smarter than she looks. And admittedly, I'm also more prone to observing events or manipulating from sidelines than engaging anything directly. Marisa though... more of a miss, I feel. I'm nowhere near as social or meddlesome.


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