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Firstly; an explanation:

I almost died. No; I'm not exaggerating. Covid combined with undiagnosed type 1 Diabetes to almost kill me and cripple me for a long time. I lost most of my ideas during that time, and had other; more important matters to settle.

Now; my life has settled down a bit, and I have some new ideas.



The first thing you are aware of is an all-consuming splintering sound. Then, you feel a warmth, spreading out from the center of... nothing, filling you. Becoming you.

Slowly, your eyes open.

Sitting before you, looking down upon you, is a blonde girl, wearing a bright blue dress; covered with a white; elegant and somewhat fancy fabric around her shoulders. A pink ribbon ties around her neck and waist.

She looks upon you with a very satisfied look, and a warm smile. Sweat drips down her face however, and she is breathing very heavily.

You feel... an inexplicable connection with this being.

In front of her is a heavy-looking; open, black book. She closes it; and shuts a lock on it's cover, without taking her eyes off you. Red ribbons wrap around it sealing it further and covering over the lock.

She motions a finger towards your head, and a stream of information surges. Names? Places?

"You should... choose your own name..." the girl says weakly.


> Select a name

> Acceptable Criteria - Major City or location; mythical locations acceptable [EG: Hourai after Mount Hourai]; name must not be already taken [EG: Shanghai]

> Name: Olympia


--- Quote from: Neovereign on April 09, 2022, 04:48:08 PM ---> Name: Olympia

--- End quote ---

> "O...lympia" you say.

> The young woman smiles. "Olympia, after Mount Olympus? A fitting name for my masterwork..."

> You feel the name resonate inside you, as if it is being magically wound into your very being.

> The girl slumps in her chair. She is still watching you.

> "Go on, don't just lie there." the girl says in a tired; yet firm tone, before her face softens, as if she remembered something.

> "Or are you happy like that? There's no strings on you, Olympia. I shouldn't order you around. That defeats the point of my work."

> Try to go put a finger on her head, like she did for us. Or, rather, a hand might be needed, given the difference in scale...


--- Quote from: Neovereign on April 09, 2022, 09:21:38 PM ---> Try to go put a finger on her head, like she did for us. Or, rather, a hand might be needed, given the difference in scale...

--- End quote ---

> You try to reach the girl's forehead. You see a small hand in a yellow sleeve reach up.

> The distance is far too great to simply reach, so you get up. This is surprisingly difficult, with your balance not being there right away.

> With your new perspective, you can see you are on a... table. Yes, your mind, which is rapidly forming, the magic swirling within you giving you knowledge, calls it that.

> The girl sees you get up unsteadily. "Be careful; the magic probably hasn't fully settled down yet. And the shard probably hasn't fully adapted to it's new home either."

> Hearing "shard" makes something in your torso flutter. As this happens, a name clicks in your head, associating itself with the girl before you. You... know her name somehow. Alice. Yes, this tired-looking girl is called Alice.

> You feel that... strange feeling you felt before your eyes open still. It is fainter now, but you can feel it spreading and swirling around your body. Instinctively; you associate this feeling with the "magic" this "Alice" mentioned. It feels as if connections are rapidly being made in your fledgling mind.


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