Author Topic: 東方幻想潰滅 ~ Shatter of Phantasm  (Read 6337 times)

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東方幻想潰滅 ~ Shatter of Phantasm
« on: June 16, 2023, 09:45:02 PM »
Hey everyone, I've been working on Touhou fanfic for a while, although they're only rough summaries of each chapters at this point. I'll be posting the chapters here when I actually get to that point. The synopsis goes as follows:

Gensokyo, a land once under harsh oppression by Yokai. Things have calmed down since thanks to the intervention of individuals like the sages, but one can’t deny that some conflicts still occur here and there.
Reimu Hakurei. Shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, Late Yukari’s Yakumo’s beloved apprentice, brilliant strategist, and chronically lazy. So lazy, that the Hakurei Maiden has become weary of her Youkai-exterminating duties and is hatching a wily scheme to end it all. Total Youkai extermination? No! She would free Gensokyo from all magic, subsequently making Youkai and humans equal, which she believes would free shrine maidens like her from their duties.
Standing in her way however would be another fellow shrine maiden, Sanae Kochiya the enthusiastic Youkai exterminator, to whom the end of resolving incidents is the last thing she wants. Besides, there has to be a better alternative to resolving the human-Youkai conflict…right?

As a heads up, this fanfic is pretty much a complete rewrite of the canon in Touhou, in case if anyone's confused about the characterizations.

Here's the link to the rough summaries of the character:

And here's the link to the rough summaries of each chapters:

Hope this interests you!