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>You are one of the fair folk and a former member of the Seelie Court.  Once you served one of the lower nobility, but death released you from your obligations.  Coming back from the dead was a surprise.
>Your most recent memory is escaping from a human supremacist group.  Something happened causing the group's members to flee or charge then that weird human opened your cage.  Fleeing with your wrists bound with rope inlaid with iron, one of human then you ran into that mirror. . .

>You've found yourself in a thick old forest.  The trees are different from any trees you've ever encountered and the air is strangely humid.  Judging from the sun it is early in the morning or you have a few hours before dark.
>A quick glance doesn't reveal any clues.  Maybe investigating closer might reveal something.
>Ahead you can hear singing.
>Behind you the forest seems darker.

//I thought I might give GMing a try
//might as well see where this goes.

>What is our name?
>What is our quest?
>What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
>Are we a boy or a girl?

--- Quote from: Philosopher on May 15, 2021, 03:11:54 AM ---//I thought I might give GMing a try

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//ooh. Hope you enjoy it.

> Are our hands still bound?
> Do we have any special capabilities that we know of? Or at least, talents and proficiencies?
> Have we seen this forest before?
> How is our memory? Are things prior to death still stable in our head?
>Your name is Eillia
>You are a girl, obviously. 
->Anyone should be able to tell by your bountiful. . .
--->Where is your bosom?!

>Your hands aren't bound.  Though they do look a little swollen.
>You don't have any abilities special by your own kind's standards

>You have never seen this forest before.  The trees are similar, but distinct to the oaks you are familiar with.
>Your memories before and after your death are all there.  During your death, your memories are hazy and seem more repressed than forgotten.

----Glamour: You can alter any of the senses of an individual even yourself.  It can also effect an object's appearance.  Especially good for altering the taste of your food.  You were required to use this to make yourself presentable for your lord.
----Luck Manipulation
----Flight: As long as you can speak you can utter the spell for flight
----Various spells that a maid might use.  Examples include warming tea, making yourself seem more dignified, and making dust vanish.

----Maid duties
----Sewing and knitting
----Fae court manners
----Recognizing working human relics and selling them
----Many musical instruments excluding guitar, xylophone, and drums

----A simple sundress without pockets

---- Get your breasts back
---- Find out why you have wings
---- Find out where you are

>Whatever Titania says the swallow should fly
> Maybe we became an angel post mortem.
> Check for Halo.
> Who, if anyone, saw us die?
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