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The Neverending Civil War Continues! Pick Your Moriya!

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--- Quote ---Left half, right half, upper half, lower half, inner half, outer half, good half, evil half, the possibilities are finite but numerous.
--- End quote ---

Let's go with the green half.
And by that I mean Kanako.  I didn't like Kanako that much before but reading stuff like SoPM has really opened my eyes to her potential.  She's cool.
Suwacc is a frog though and frogs are precious.

I will admit I don't know what her other half would be in comparison to her green half but sure yeah let's go with it!

Rei Scarlette:
The first ever ""actually pretty good"" picture I recall drawing had been Suwako. This was years ago so I don't still have it (sadly) and cannot share it, but there I do cast my vote.

I mean isn't it more like 1/16th of Sanae or even less than that? Suwako isn't her *mother*.

Unless Suwako + God or something and the human interbreeding only happened later down the line.

These are the important questions!

Also I'm always more of a Wind then Earth person.

I'm just going to count a vote for Suwackers as a vote for her hat and call it a day


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