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Suspicious person:
Quite the bizarre chapter, the last chapter 11 is !

It's one thing for Reimu to be wary of the happenings in Geidontei, but for there to be something of interest to the people involved in the afterlife (Komachi) ? AND also custormern't who seems to be getting Mamizou on their case for insisting on reservation canceling Geidontei (not cool) for whatever reason too ? Very suspicious how lots of things are happening with Geidontei at the center. My suspicions would be that the recent supernatural rumors that surround Geidontei might have either been caused by or attracted some kind of supernatural entity of interest towards the afterlife people, and that Komachi's guess about Reimu investigating the same thing she does is wrong.

Like, there is something else that's going on that is completely unrelated to why Reimu decided to investigate Geidontei, and the thing in question involves some supernatural thing of interest to the afterlife people, and is related to Geidontei one way or another

My theory regarding the matter would be that there were 2 people that were going to meet up at Geidontei for an importan reason but met up with tragedy instead, and whoever it is that keeps making reservation at Geidontei is really just a ghost that's unable to accept their passing and keeps doing this reservation thing repeatedly, as missing the meetup at Geidontei would be their greatest regret and trying to have the meetup really mattered to them (like two lovers who were going on a secret date or something ?). Like, Geidontei might've gotten haunted by a ghost of a person that simply cannot acknowledge their death, which is why rumors about ghosts sprang up, why consistant reservation that wouldn't be respected kept happening, and why the afterlife employee Komachi is involved.

This is probably another thing that's gonna make Geidontei even more suspicious towards Reimu, even though it's probably not something that's caused by Miyoi herself imo. Fate itself seems to agree that the girl is perfect bulli material seems to have arranged events to allow her to be exactly that ...

Also, it's something that you could already see in a number of other works but damn is Mamizou flat

...and a new chapter here too.
lol @ the fairies and reimu's ass


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