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--- Quote from: aListers on July 19, 2020, 02:08:20 PM ---Now I've had a dream that lockdown finished and I was told to go outside and look at the sky. For a brief moment that sky turned a deep purple and then a trailer for the next Touhou fighting game played in the sky. I quickly tried to take a picture of it with my phone. It mostly displayed Reimu, Marisa and Yukari. The portraits were drawn by Moe harukawa. I unfortunatley can't remember the plot

--- End quote ---

I've had a lot of these kinds of dreams in general. Where I'm experiencing some part of a story or franchise that doesn't really exist. I'll just mention the Touhou related one though. After I started reading Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red I started having dreams involving Aya every night. They would basically be like new articles to the book that don't exist and I would be experiencing them as they're happening while still reading them. I don't really remember the details of what was in these articles unfortunately, it was probably all nonsense anyways.

I had one some time ago where Alice was correcting me on the correct pronunciation of the letter E with a grave accent for French. (this è or È if you're wondering) She went into specifics on how to correctly pronounce it and seemed pretty pissed off and passionate at the same time on correcting me for this type of grammar, probably stems from the fact that where I live is a bilingual country where the second official language of the country is French. It was so detailed to the tee that she taught me that it's pronounced as if you were saying "ayy" or "eh" rather than a hard E sound.

When I woke up I looked it up on the internet to confirm if she was right. http://nazr.in/1geG. she was right

I had 2 I found in my journal.

In the first one I saw multiple mob caps on three people (myself included), and they happened to be Yukari's cap. I knew she was there, and I also knew she was trying to brainwash the people wearing the hats that apparently belonged to her. The brainwashing started and a number would appear above their head, along with a mixture of colours indicating a successful brainwash. It started, and the first guy that broke the number 101 appeared and turned into a golden Yukari. The second guy got 200 and a random colour, then it came to me as the number 304 appeared before my eyes. I heard her voice as she said, "Oh my, you have a strong will-power... let's see about that."

The second dream I saw (in order) Marisa, Reimu, Suika, and Yuugi. The exact details were very hazy, so I assumed that my dream self was very drunk for some reason(?). Somehow those 4 got mad at me (probably for drinking the rest of the booze) and it ended up in a full-blown 4 - 1 fist fight. I believe they won, because the last thing I remembered was being pinned down by Suika as Yuugi punched me in the gut. When I woke up I vomited everything I ate yesterday. (that's what's written down believe it or not)

Had another Touhou dream. I was at Reitaisai or some kind of convention and got told by somebody that Kosuzu was here. Kosuzu was apparently spending her time making stories out of pictures that people gave her. I was surprised to see her there. Afterwards, I saw Akyuu with several Touhou characters around her. She decided to play a game with us. She gave out some sheets for some of us and I destributed half of them. The players included me, Yukari, Ran, Remilia, Flandre and Reimu - several others too but I can't remember them. One of the sheets had 3 shields on it so I immediately started colouring it in with colours from my coat of arms. There weren't actually enough sheets for us all and I think that Flandre and Remilia weren't meant to play. They gave their sheets to Yukari and Ran. I also had to explain that the sheets weren't originally coloured in. Eventually we started playing and it was a game of deception where 1 or 2 people were lying and we had to figure out which one. Afterwards Akyuu lead us to a room which contained trials for eternal life. If you failed you died though. I was about to go in but I had issues with the idea of dying for eternal life. I just didn't care about eternal life. I wanted a long life - not an eternal one. We had nooses tied round our necks for going in. I had a small amount of time trying to talk Reimu out of it but she wasn't having it and went into the room. I took my noose off and went back to Akyuu. Akyuu claimed that I was one of only 2 or 3 people she had ever played that game with who had seen through her deception. I didn't actually remember this event she mentioned and I assume it was because I didn't actually ser through it - I was just disgusted enough that I cut it off half way through.


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