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Touhou Dream Thread
« on: April 10, 2020, 08:07:52 PM »
So with the old site archived and no longer usable, we need a new thread to post about our dreams.

So in this thread, please feel free to post any dream you've had about Touhou or is in some way related to Touhou - even if just a little bit. You can also discuss and comment on your/other people's dreams.

If you feel like you never/rarely have dreams then consider keeping a dream diary. While I had been keeping a dream diary inconsistently since 2008, the old site's dream thread acted like a dream diary for me and I had several dreams a week in 2013 because of it.

This is a dream I had today:

I had a dream that there was a medieval TV series like "The Witcher" and "Game of Thrones" that had just come out. Although it was adapted from a book again, the writers were allowed enough creative freedom to do what they wanted with it because it had an episodic nature - so they added an episode where the main villain was Remilia Scarlet. Essentially the main character was invited into a medieval mansion (It wasn't quite the Scarlet Devil Mansion but it was the same kind of idea) and was treated as a guest in the mansion for the episode before they eventually duel and defeat Remilia. I looked back at how they did Remilia and it was a brilliant cosplay they did of her. They make her hair and eyes brown to make it more realistic but otherwise her dress remained mostly the same as you'd expect from the games. She was played by a young child who seemed to be about 10 or 11 years old and the child did a good job of portraying her. I believe Sakuya also appeared in the show but unlike Remilia was never mentioned by name. Other characters from the SDM didn't appear in the show until dream logic took over and everything go weird. At that point I had told everybody at the football and then my family what they had done. Then I went back there with a group of friends (who were just the characters from Chuunibyou and a random knight) where we got shot at and the Scarlet Devil Mansion got its internet stolen.