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Rumia's Party Games / Re: An Out of Context Incident
« Last post by WitheringFlowerCrown on Today at 01:30:30 PM »
>Continue following Marisa.
>>Ask a question: "Do you know if the Fairies at the Mansion have a roll call or register of sorts? If not, I may have a plan to sneak into the Mansion."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Minor Existence Quest
« Last post by WitheringFlowerCrown on Today at 01:22:43 PM »
>"I'm not going to complain about that.  If anything with her philosophy, Unity should boss her around.  Actually they might lead Seija to victory."  Smirk

>Kaze snickers. "That would be an event, I wonder what kind of Incident that would lead to."

>"Being able to dodge is a lot better. Wow, they pack a wallop."

>Stop shooting
>Do the light curtain again
->Summon a few moths then have them move to different locations
-->Have the moths fire off bullets so seems I am moving to those locations.

>When the fairies get ready to fire move out of their line
->Shoot when it is too late for the fairies to re-aim.

>You stop shooting and have your current moths create the curtain of light again, obscuring your location.
>You summon a few moths from your position and have them spread out. As a test, you have one moth fire Danmaku at a Red Fairy.
>Predictably, The Red Fairies immediately rain lasers at the familiar. Good, they took the bait.
>With all the time in the world to aim, you go for a strong direct laser impacting a Red Fairy and turning them into gold dust.
>You then use another familiar to pester them with bullets. They once again take the bait, destroying a moth.

>The Red Fairies are, on a tactical level, surrounded.
>On one side they have an enemy, A Bird, keen on directly attacking them. Though thankfully she uses simple attacks that are only an annoyance.
>On the other, they have The Moth, a known opponent. But one with novel tactics that threaten to render their strategies moot.
>They are being attacked by a direct opponent and an opponent who leverages her abilities. And their leader is distracted by Apple, impacting any possible orders.
>They're on the ropes, and so fast as well.
>"Photon Rain" HP
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Rumia Quest - Another
« Last post by Neovereign on Today at 06:22:45 AM »
Shadow Realm:
>Check on our "Realm Guests"
> The fish seem fine, while the critters... You're no expert on them. You have no idea if they're better or worse than outside.
>"Ah, we wouldn't want to see too interested, hmm?"
>GLance about and see if we can see what Kanako is up to.
> "Moderation is fine." Sanae answers.
> You glance over. You don't quite see her anymore. At least she's making haste with it.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Rumia Quest - Another
« Last post by Evil_Nazgul0616 on Today at 05:00:22 AM »
Shadow Realm:
>Check on our "Realm Guests"
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Rumia Quest - Another
« Last post by Neovereign on Today at 04:58:43 AM »
// Perhaps the "big object coming down "is the Scarlet Devil Mansion or something similar...? //

> Apply a " layer of softened shadow on top of the closest shadow mattress... "

>. .. test with 1 one hand if it has a more comfortable feeling...

>... and apply it to the other ones if it is so.

  Shadow Probe
> Observe the Silhouette of the Big Object: it is becoming bigger and bigger, closer and closer directly on top, or very close, to the "duelists"... right?

> If that the is the case... we should promptly warn them all.
>Lay Clownpiece on one of the beds
>Take one of the beds for ourself

>Feel for where X and the fairy are
> You repeat the body technique you used for the beds and just make a bit of darkness over the bed.
> It feels more comfortable. You could almost force your hand to pass through if you tried, but it'd just get to the "bed" after. And that's more space to get past than this layer.
> You apply the technique to all of the beds.
> You then set Clownpiece down on a "bed". And take a seat on another for yourself.

> You try, though it does not seem like you can tell where either of them are...

> The big object seems like its planned to land on the fight... Thus, you consider warning the group...
> The fairy maids appear to be struggling in their battle, while Meiling and the Three Magicians look like they're having fun?
> A flash of lightning strikes down near the drum woman, almost hitting the charging vampire - though it seems like she was able to back away at the last moment.
> You notice something small appear next to the drummer. Or rather, that small person that was with them. Things appear to be hectic at the lake in such short time. You're glad you weren't roped into it.
> "We don't have enough to go against them... What now?" She questions.
> "Benben, Yatsu, finish up and help the Prismrivers deal with their opponents." The drummer speaks, before entering a Spell Card Trance, getting further away in the air. Are they actually using the Spell Card Rules? It didn't seem like such until now...
> The two instrument girls fighting the fairy maids finish them off, as if they were toying with them before, and quickly join up with the phantom trio.
> "Okay guys, fall back. Let us focus on them. You just prepare yourself for if things get worse." Meiling speaks, and the fairies with her quickly do so.
> "I don't feel very confident in just us against them. Do you have any ideas?" The maid questions.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Roll To Dodge: The Return Of The Crossovers
« Last post by Kasu on Today at 04:39:10 AM »
> Head back the way we came.
> Try not to bump into a wall this time.
>"There's an ever-present presence here, I can feel that it's constantly aware of me whenever I'm here. Though I don't think I've ever felt like it was focusing on me. Can you feel it?"

>"We're sure that's the Formless One," Sakuya says.
>"I...think i feel something, yeah," says Shou. "But that doesn't tell us much, does it?"

>"There's an ever-present presence here, I can feel that it's constantly aware of me whenever I'm here. Though I don't think I've ever felt like it was focusing on me. Can you feel it?"
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Marisa Quest
« Last post by meow56 on Yesterday at 06:04:19 PM »
>Pull the Mini-Hakkero out.
>"I'm planning on getting Rinnosuke to look at it after clearing the rubble."
>"Oh, I see."
>Alice pauses.
>"Though, is it really a good idea to be carrying it around like this? What if it flares up again?"
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