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Rumia's Party Games / Re: A Curious Exchange
« Last post by Tom on Today at 02:38:29 AM »
> Well we don't know our name but Guardian sounds cool!

> Nod and repeat "Yes, Guardian" and offer a handshake
I really don't think that thinking of Allister as Galarian Myon is weird at all - he's the Ghost-type user and version counterpart to Galarian Youmu (who being a Fighting-type user is comparable to the real Youmu's martial prowess), why shouldn't he be thought of as Myon?

And you thinking of Allister as Kokoro is kinda a stretch - having to look at an alternate palette to find visual similarities is weird; and why do you say "Kokoro is almost never seen without a mask on" when you can ALWAYS see her face?

You do make a good point with Allister being comparable to Satori, but I would've been more likely to think that if Allister was a Psychic-type user rather than a Ghost-type user.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Murasa Quest Continues 2 - A Z-Machine Adventure
« Last post by Yaersulf on Yesterday at 11:10:29 PM »
>Is this an instinctual feeling, or is it something we can discern through our mastery of water?
Rumia's Party Games / Re: An Out of Context Incident
« Last post by OkuuFallout on Yesterday at 08:10:32 PM »
>"Eillia, that's a beautiful name."

>Blush a little. "Why thank you. I am flattered."

>"Oh, you must be new.  That's why I didn't recognize you. No, I thought you might be the fairy.  I don't think we can win Miss Patchouli's prize,  but I can help you if you want."

>"Wait, earlier you mentioned 'Miss Patchouli's prize'. I don't recollect hearing anything about a contest, however. Could you remind me?"

>Red haired women are picking up books off the floor and placing back on the shelves.  The women are all wearing a similar outfits of black dresses over white blouses and have wings on their back and heads. Liana breathing harder stays close to the plants.

>What species would we know to resemble those women?

>"Is something wrong? Your breathing seems to be off."
Based on my Touhou Sorter results, my top 10 are below in order from 10 to 1.

10) Rinnosuke: Probably some shopkeeping tycoon game.
9) Sakuya: Perhaps that one game called House Flippers, where you're pretty much cleaning up disgusting, run-down houses.
8) Momiji: Some sort of game about being a guard (couldn't find anything specific).
7) Reimu: I never thought about it until now, but Reimu is somewhat of a superhero, at least in terms of powers and incident-resolving. So I would choose what I believe to be the best superhero game ever: Spider-Man for the PS4.
6) Marisa: An Elder Scrolls game. While I have played Oblivion (I only remember the beginning though), Skyrim would probably be a better option because of its expansive number of mods to download.
5) Alice: The Sims. You basically control semi-sentient dolls in those games.
4) Koakuma: I wouldn't know. Almost everything is fanon in regards to anything relating to her, except a short description by ZUN that only says that she's troublesome and mischievous like a fairy. I don't get into fanon much anyway, and at this point I've been researching video games relating to characters' traits (from little to no avail) for 80 minutes so I'm just moving on.
3) Yuuka: Plants vs. Zombies. Sounds fitting.
2) Nitori: Probably Minecraft because of its various engineering elements.

And finally, my favorite.
1) Okuu: Probably the easiest answer for me, which is the Fallout series. I mean, it's all about a post-apocalyptic wasteland caused by the Cold War never ending, resulting in total nuclear annihilation. It was also once my favorite game of all time, so I could be by her side, guiding her through it all. Ok I need to stop before I fangirl about her all day. And to stop fantasizing about being her girlfriend
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Death's Gatekeeper: Elly
« Last post by Tashi on Yesterday at 03:11:59 PM »
> "I can't say it was too bad... This place does look nice. And you look-..."
> Glance down at our outfit.
> "Ah. I must look so dull and old fashioned now..."

> "Nonsense." Using her index and thumb of one hand, Yuuka brought your gaze back up at her by taking hold of your chin. Ah, that warm smile... "You are just as elegant as you used to be, . ... Minus the slight layer of dust decorating your dress, that is. Did this land welcome you in a warm way?"

> _
Rumia's Party Games / Re: A Curious Exchange
« Last post by Neovereign on Yesterday at 11:01:57 AM »
>Answer the unasked question,  "I'm an employee of the stand not the proprietor."

>"It sounds like you've got some rough troubles if you want to talk about it I'm all ears."
> Is the voice from the stand the voice of the original shopkeeper?
> "It was just a freak situation where there were a few copies of me running around, and we had to battle it out. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't one of them and that I am the original. Ah, right. I should introduce myself. I'm Sumireko, Hifuu club's one and only president. I should at least call you something."
> "Guardian." The voice from the stand speaks.

> You don't know.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Death's Gatekeeper: Elly
« Last post by Neovereign on Yesterday at 10:52:59 AM »
> "I can't say it was too bad... This place does look nice. And you look-..."
> Glance down at our outfit.
> "Ah. I must look so dull and old fashioned now..."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Neo Quest
« Last post by Kilgamayan on Yesterday at 05:45:53 AM »
> Would anyone be alerted if we claimed Seija as our treasure, like Shinki with Alice?

> Could we make Seija part of our tail? If so, would she agree to it, and how would we look together?
> Could we make Seija part of our head? If so, would she agree to it, and how would we look together?
> Could we make Seija part of our chest or backside? If so, would she agree to it, and how would we look together?
>Continue another room to the south.

> Rip Curtain to Mark Passage...

> ... feel the " Current " as we  proceed in This Room...

>...  is the " Taint " separate from,not affecting the  Current " at all...?

> If we Perceive  Changes or Abnormalities in  "the Current","the Taint " or "any Unedentified ", Stop By at that particular spot .

>The current is an actual flow in the water, affecting the curtains and everything around you as a current should. The tain, however, doesn't seem to be related to anything physical like that.
>You continue further southward.
>You pass through into a new chamber, narrow at its northern end and flaring as it goes further southward, rather like a bottle. Along its western wall is what looks like an shelf, a sort of box-like thing, about waist high with a shelfboard in the middle, enclosed in all but one side. It rests on its side, apparently empty.
>The water here feels more heavily tainted. The sensations; the words you can't hear and feelings you can't hold long enough to name; come faster, a bit more powerfully. If you close your eyes, you can almost feel yourself moving with it, even though you know you are still.
>The current here is disturbed, there's something moving out there, obscured by the curtains. Something fearsome.

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