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Akyuu's Arcade / Re: Fate/Grand Order - You Can (Not) Rate Up
« Last post by Aya Reiko on Today at 08:18:29 AM »
Maintenance has been extended to TBD.  yaaay...

Let's hope it doesn't turn into another First Hassan incident.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Incident Mansion Quest
« Last post by Tom on Today at 07:46:43 AM »
> " Thanks,Miss Yuyuko... ah, This looks more promising...but first we should give a initial lookover beyond the Main Door on this floor as well before deciding ...if we can open or safely pass through it ."

> So we are unable to pass through the doors like the one we initially stumbled through  since being brought to the Mansion?

> Regardless,go to the Large Double Doors,examine and...

> ...try to quickly poke and retract a finger through them and then a whole hand .

>  Open&See, if unable,and with no issue, make an explaining gesture to Miss Yuyuko to Pass Through&See together.
> Yuyuko peers through the gap in the door and examines the room

> You certainly think you can pass through doors, you're just so used to opening them instead

> Leaving Yuyuko to hold the door open and examine the room you return to the Foyer and go to the double doors in the middle of the upper floor.  You push your finger and hand through the door succesfully before trying to open it normally.  Annoyingly these double doors appear to have a round doorknobs, leaving you with nothing to pry at.

> You gesture to lady Yuyuko for help and she promptly hovers over before trying the handle only to find out its also locked.  You push your hand through to show what you've thought of and she nods in agreement.

>  She explains "I'll take Butterfly Fan while you float through it, it'll get stuck on the door otherwise" and after giving it to her she places it on the table with the vase to the side.  You note she also takes off her gloves before rejoining you at the door

> Holding your hand she leads you through the door with no resistance and find yourselves in a pitch black area behind it.  Strangely you can still make our the back side of the door, it's dimly lit seams and the walls behind you but *nothing* is visible ahead of you, even with your Hakurei Maiden's eyes

> "We sure could use some light in here" she exclaims after looking around
Lettyjournal is still here, it's just got no posts in it yet. IIRC it even had the post number restriction lowered in this incarnation of the forum.
>"From what I've seen she doesn't strike me as the kind of person that would."

>There is a kind of reluctant agreement.
>"Maybe she isn't afraid of being hurt, directly?" Tojiko says.

Man, this current event is kinda hard. Not too hard, but I've game overed several times. Fortunately it's not time gated in anyway so there's no chance I'll miss out on finishing it, but the difficulty level overall seems like it's the highest of any regular event so far (excluding the tower ones obviously).

Also, the new bosses have amazing animations.

And yeah, I'm getting wrecked in the sub missions. Shadow Holy Quintet, argh...
>"From what I've seen she doesn't strike me as the kind of person that would."
>"Well, is Keine going to hurt you?"

>There is a different kind of uncertainty that is no less uncertain that before.

>"Well, is Keine going to hurt you?"
>Sit back on our haunches, and fish out a pair of mushrooms. "All you need do is eat these."
> Alright,provocations and pettiness back and forth is going to be but an obstacle...

> Small head-bow to Tojiko and apologizing tone : " Sorry,I misspoke,provoked and got a bit carried away without ill-intent ".

> "Yes,when Stargazer opens up enough and there is still confusion to be cleared or insight to be pursued on her end,it is good that we can have her consult with both Miko and Byakuren for each their own benefits ,but right now her reassuring  priority is meeting with Utsuho and then there is that lead of " Stargazer's Tree in Gensokyo ".

> " Telling Keine of this development comes first, though ".

> To Stargazer :" Then we shall do our best for you and Utsuho to meet,with thanks to Tojiko for knowing her last location,and hopefully to have most doubts cleared alongside helping you remember more about Gensokyo".

>"What am I doing, we shouldn't be fighting over this. Flog me, I fell back into bad habits, sorry."
>Tell the cactus "You'll just have to meet Byakuren some other time. What should I tell Keine? That she won't get to meet you?"

>"Eh, I'll let you have this one," Tojiko says.
>The cactus radiates indecisiveness.

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