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Title: Improv Quest
Post by: Reimu6 on December 01, 2021, 01:15:02 AM
Title: Re: Improv Quest
Post by: Branneg Xy on December 04, 2021, 01:36:30 AM
// 1st. Thank you for sharing with us the invitations&beginning of your particular " Touhou Rpg-like CyoA(Choose your own Adventure) ,AND for your Future Patient Reply(/ies) "...

/ ... 2nd. so not a Story Reply but rather 2 Useful Insight Clarifying Question Replies...//
>This is improv quest. I will give you a certain bit of story to start out with. Put down anything you can think of. You can follow along with the story, or add sudden twists and turns. One rule other than being appropriate and nice and all: no driving us off topic. Don't just barge in and ask about how the football game went.
>The story:

//please reply for once

// ...Can it be described as "A Touhou Equal Chose -Write our own Story Adventure / " TEC-WooA(?) " :cirnotan:  :power: " ? //

// By " ...please reply for once ..."
did you also.mean " least 1 Startter of a Story Player Reply " as this 1 Story is similar those 1s where ,arter the 1st 1 or 1st 1s , the Follow-Up.Players' Story Replies are meant as Freely Optional( ,incoud8jg.The Choice of Plot Linearity and/or Twists,all as Coherent as Feasible.of.course :?