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Title: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 10, 2021, 04:03:26 AM
Hi! Going to do a new quest that ends after 30 updates maximum, this starter is 1/30!

Cherry Blossoms have started to spring in Gensokyo….Except they are literally everything that’s there. Wherever the residents of our lovely game go, flowers, petals, in the same shade and hue.

It was pretty fun at the start, having all the sakura petals replace what is basically rain and sunshine, but now somehow it got leaked the elites were already investigating this incident!

So far, we got the following four teams that are investigating in this new sakura blanket event

>LUNATIC-Recommended for Danmaku Action!

This is the team of Yuyuko Saigyouji, Youmu Konpaku, Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, Chen, or anyone reasonably canon enough to align with these characters.

Joining the LUNATIC team as they beat off suspects of them being up to no good (which is kind of justified), as you face terrible random events for owning a house that sits next to a historically insane sakura tree!

>Hard - Recommended for experienced or the brave!

This is the team of Mokou Fujiwara, Keine Kamishirasawa, Kosuzue, Akyuu no Hida, Rinnosuke Morichika or any characters possibly aligned with the Human Village

Joining the Hard team as they explore the hub of incidents, the Human Village, where faith empowers the neighbouring Youkai Mountain, Underground Sanatorium, and many many other places.
Be here to treat guests or incident solvers, rely on shopkeepers and librarians for Macguffins! Intended to be a challenge without much canon needed

>Normal - Recommended if nothing makes sense to you and you are reading until this point! Good job!

This is the team of Your OC, an animal spirit sprung forth from the Palace of Earth Spirits, under the blessings of her matriarch, Satori Komeiji, Koishi Komeiji, Utsuho Okuu, and Rin Kaenbyou, or other characters that can tangibly relate to them.

Join the normal team as Your OC and the furry friends cheat your way to solving incidents, using the infinite industrial capacity of nucleus energy from a nearby volcano, and blurriness of concepts especially being a place vibrant with chaotic life energy and close to inferno.
Create anything in this 30 updates quest to resolve the blanket of petals covering the land!

>Easy - No need to even play, these guys move on their own without realising they are puppets!

Join the team of Shinmyoumaru Syoumei, Seija Kijin, Cirno, Rumia, Daoyousei, Aya Shameimaru, Hatate Himekaidou, and any other characters, any other of them! As you go on a merry adventure to resolve this world changing incident with a ragtag bunch of misfits

://nbsp&\\  Next update coming immediately now (1/30)
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Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 10, 2021, 04:33:39 AM

Easy team:
<[((((((((*******~Breaking News! Petals Shrouding Gensokyo in Mystery! Shrine Maiden declares resolution of event in WEEKS!~*

At the joint shrine maiden press meeting occuring on all sides of the world, this reporter Aya Shameimaru, fleetest foot in all of any domains, is providing live coverage of the infinitesimally distant Great Border of Gensokyo, where the resident Shrine Maiden, Reimu Hakurei, has been observed carrying off and using magic on her donation box, looking absolutely ectastic and flushed!

The Onis living there, Suika Ibuki and Kasen Ibraraki, have respectively went off to the Myouren Temple and Human Village, and currently, I am witnessing a truly, absolutely, scandalous meeting between the Hakurei maiden herself and the oridinary witch Marisa Kirisame, puncuated by many inappropriate physical contact in all the wrong areas! They seem to be still in heated argument now, and we will be closely monitoring their movements!

##End of Bunbunmaru Shimbun

~Kakashi Spirit News~
From a time and place unknown, to the reader unknown, greetings.

Bringing from you news of Gensokyo is your usual transmission medium, Hatate Himekaidou.

I shall be dilligently writing every day for more viewers to be able and enjoy journalism, but this issue is especially special as I, Hatate Himekaidou, is now on a collaborative venture with Aya Shameimaru of the Bunbunmaru News network of Gensokyo to provide live coverage in this corner of the Youkai Mountain. Without further ado, let us go into the details.

The waters are clean today, but still topped by a thick solid layer of petals, resident kappa have been walking on this slate, fishing, and generally excited at the new physics and engineering they can now explore with a ‘mantle of blessed flowers containing the cursefully attractive yet chaotic waters‘

The sky is raining heavy petals, and the great and wise miko, Sanae Kochiya, has declared to an audience of resident gods whose forms too obstructed to view or describe by words, but generally involving characters of interest including Aki, Letty, Moriya Shrine, to resolve this incident in 5 days.

The land continues to be buried by petals of depth 3-5m, variable, across all terrains. Fortunately for us, the petals appear to have amazing rejuvenating properties and I can personally attest to now drinking petal water, having petal sweets, and so on and so forth

Thank you for your kind readership, and I hope to meet you on this side of the world come next moon

                                             -     A.       -           -     -

“So what of it? What does this have to do with us?” Shinmyoumaru quirped as she finished reading the news presented to her on a tabulated device.

“My eyes hurt now, and I have gained no interest out of this, not a centimeter, look! This petal thing is raved on so much, but at my size-“

Seija motions Shinmyoumaru to pause, and stares intently, fixed, rigidly following empty spaces, sometimes still touching Shinmyoumaru’s bowl to reassure her her attention is there.

“The point is these petals are magical, they will be gone soon, you should start eating them or knowing more about them, and other people are doing that, so-“

What is even happening-“

“We are going to take it, obviously, these samples I got from the ice fairy peeking on us would be a strongest, bestest, most amazing discovery you must try yourself Shinmyoumaru, it might just help with your height”

In another corner, Daiyousei is nervously doing many things, while Cirno is simply satisfied at the lavish praise on her laborously acquired stock, without much care they were just taken from her despite spending months scrapping them and picking them out one by one with her and her friends
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 10, 2021, 04:38:33 AM

That about concludes my observations, lady Yakumo, you have closed the gap, please open it again

My dear friend, it seems like our spirits will be lifted by this petal in our drinks!

Truly a most fortuitous development, and thank you Chen for serving us this wonderful feast

Pardon my interjection, but indeed Shen is the best there is, and she shall surely gain the Yakumo name and become qualified soon

Exactly, now we need to be ready for some guests to arrive on our premises, Chen, be ready with the manual stuff

My my, this will be quite difficult for her, would it not be so?

She is quite clever and this would be easy
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 10, 2021, 05:32:08 AM

“They are here! They are watching me!” Koishi Komeiji manifested out of thin air “Oh…nevermind…”

“The girl certainly quips at the most interesting of times, no?” Satori Komeiji, the elegant underwriter of the Palace of Earth Spirits commented, her mahogany table makes a pleasant click as her assorted stationary becomes assembled under her deft fingers

“Would be nice if you can show some appreciation about us folks hauling bodies around!”

That is Rin Kaenbyou, the underwriter assistant, the undertaker, a kind soul but a catty one nonetheless.

“Rin, this is not just about us.” Satori set her pen down, firmly, some ink spilling on the paperwork, which makes Rin visibly quivers at such a sight of serious display, being stared at straight by the almighty eye probably does no favours

Covered my eye to be more pleasant with my left hand

“Basically, Utsuho is in this too, she made a new discovery, and we can now see new things”

“Whats so good with new things? We practically are not affected by them down here?”

“Good things dont stay still long, remember the Newton’s law?”

“Clear as day madame!” And I quote and write down, literally, word for word , “Fastcar World Bent Elastic Rubber Throwback!”

That was not exactly it but good job, surely my best undertaker at the moment

“That is amazing, you have elevated my prose to a further level, I especially like the trolleys were replaced with fastcars, they must be less intimidating.”

“Absolutely! I thought the translations seem a bit wonky for the humans overground, so I changed it up to make sure it will gain widespread acceptance!”

That is excellent, perfect for the kind of niche we are going for, the mainstream media

“Rin, I will trust your expertise in this affair, surely you will enjoy yourself right?”

Rin is gone, which is more usual because cats dont stay still, really could wonder what held her attention then when we had the conversation.

I already am having fun!
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“Whatever, I guess I should work” Mokou Fujiwara punched her trolley, putting a big dent in it, draped some old laundry over the battered thing, and starting slinging cold chicken breasts on the bucket, bottomed up, nailed shut.

“Dear, you ate our dinner for breakfast and my morning tribunal is now getting exceptionally hard to write” Keine Kamishirasawa commented in the midst of her scroll. As the esoteric powers granted by part of being a teacher and historian of Human Village, Keine possesses a most unusual litinery ability to conjure spontaneous events, recall, hide, and various other forms of linguistic perception manipulation.

Until she goes somewhat loose on a full moon, part of the heritage.

“You have to stop breaking things, Mokou Fujiwara, your handwriting is beautiful, and I cannot even properly do you a favour because you are breaking all senses of coherence”

Mokou continued a very dry, boring task of shoveling coals, some probably still hot and diabolically mixed with the ones in the chimney stove

“Mokou I think we need to talk about the petals, not the coals, while it is possible the coals are an analogue to the petals around us, piling up with uncertainties, dealing with them is kind of my duty, which I am perfectly able to do so”

“This one’s hot”

“Ouch! Oh, oh, oh, its okay, its just a bit warm, thank you for the food.”

Mokou started dressing herself up, sticking some random amulets on her body, wrinkled and pinned by an inordinate amount of petals. A quick hang, a pat, a swipe, flash, all gone in smoke and ashes, leaving behind the one we recognise so well in red and white.

“This is ridiculous, these things literally just work, and carry more than the old ones too.”

Keine Kamishirasawa put down her food, and resumed

“The burn resistance of these petals are quite low, I presume, compared to your old amulets?”

“Burns quite well, either of them, just theres so many and I dont know where to even begin, or bother, I doubt the Lunatics form such a plan, so I have zero motivation to uh, uncomfortably close now”

Mokou put some distance between Keine and herself, proceeding to get her shoes, a pair of open toed, rugged leatherware.

Keine Kamishirasawa defly pulled the set of shoes out of Mokous hand, flinging open the shoe cabinet and another pair of pristine boots found themselves on Mokou Fujiwara’s feet

“Please try to do things more moderately, and would you mind taking these shoes to Kosuzue’s? She would love to hear your stories.”

Grunted and went off, remembered to shut the door and left a small flame on the wooden floor that dispels automatically to melt away the snow, now we can start doing something meaningful, as Mokou Fujiwara trudged throw a blanket of pink, white, and indiscriminate decompost to her destination, Kosuzue’s dwelling.
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 :fullpower: :spell: :spell: :power:
Come back later okay?
 :spell: :spell: :spell:

Code: [Select]
:cirnotan: :meiling:[sup][sub][/sub][/sup][/code


We are all basically the same, dont mess this one up!
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The big ones are useful, the small ones lack flavour

“I am having NO CLUE about this! Take the hammer!”

Crushed, engineered, done, now’s the time for baking.)
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Back at the grounded table, a audible thid is fenerated as our lady drops onto the table, fatigued by her cisions.

“Are you quite fine, Miss Komeiji?”

“Thank you, I have been quite well, no, not quite, still in jitters, hittery, cant even move proper”

“Just drink this”

I am no weak person, but all that book dust must take a toll on one’s body, I down the sucour, feeling a momentary surge as some of my bleeds seem to heal

“Thank you, I cant even see too well after these episodes but thank you”

Satori Komeiji grabbed for the book and her utensils, which are passed over to her, as others remain scattered and the parade of little feet coming over to check on her wellbeing arrives

“I have got what we needed, pass this to Okuu in pristine condition please”

“No problem, I will get right down to it.”

“Expect me to deliver the rest quite soon, but cannot assure if that can be done”




In quiet solidarity, the two clasped their hands in a moment of understanding

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SPECIAL! Ame-ZING! @#^**
@@ Interview with the amerinoaku! $$

With the ability to flup perceptions and moderate things, the black red is the start of a new era! Today we are glad to have secured an exclusion interview with Seija Kijin, amanojaku accolade, in an interview about the up and personal possibility fairy dust and perals are being refined in large doses!

The perpendicular has this to offer! We have went through hoops to preserve this audio recording, please listen to it word for word!

“ :lpoints: :lpoints: :lpoints:

Get out of here, we are not even doing anything yet

Surely, a shocking vile tap on the nose! To be daring and a maverick to change the world of petals! What will our new being be? Will this lead anywhere? Stay tuned to find out!

##Bunbunmaru Shimbun Special 10 Edition
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
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*~Kakashi Spirit News~*

It is the beautiful day of a new page, my dear readers, thank you and congratulations on the ability to follow my tracks

On this special edition, we secured an interview with the true perpetrator of this incident, Youjou Shinmyoumaru, who has the following excerpt to offer as an overview on the current incident.

“This happens ALL THE TIME! It happened before, it will happen again! I was just a rock before! I knew it! It is going to end well, IT ALWAYS DOES! What I want to is to GROW TALL!”

Hopefully, despite our differences we can procure a suitable end to this offering, and end a fruitful semester of cherry blossom viewing on this captivating eve.

Thank you for tuning in Kakashi Spirit News on our 10th Special Edition

                      O.                   P.         
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
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The End!
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: Branneg Xy on June 10, 2021, 11:35:59 PM
A question : is the Team&Difficulty related to the Poll Choices and  determined by the Number of Poll Votes?

Another question : why are there 5 Poll Choice ,including "The",and only  4 Team&Difficulty?

Final question : would the Players start at 1/30 Updates or at 11/30?

Thank you  in advance for preparing&answering&explaining.
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 11, 2021, 08:22:39 AM
A question : is the Team&Difficulty related to the Poll Choices and  determined by the Number of Poll Votes?

Another question : why are there 5 Poll Choice ,including "The",and only  4 Team&Difficulty?

Final question : would the Players start at 1/30 Updates or at 11/30?

Thank you  in advance for preparing&answering&explaining.

>>For the Teams and Polls

Teams can receive direct command from players!

Polls are simply a way for the characters to interact with us, in this case, we have set up a literal strawman (lol) for Hatate san at a commission! (Shes out to down her sorrows, but like, thats totes overboard)

~NitorPlus Soft CS Dept.

>> For the fourth choice not rendering xoeextly

It always happens when we try to provide precise coordinates for sssszzzxxxxxxx that these two locations never render correctly, if you can best find the LUNATIC and Easy team I am sure we can give you more upgrades to your device

~A frustrated NitroPlus Soft Cartographer

We cannot see this function! The device in your hand should be single purpose hardware for locating and communicating, please log your exact observations to us, remember to use a :nbsp& \\ for DMs to NitoriCorp, we are being packet sniffed and swapped, cant believe the old hag can even mess with pure technology I developed…..

All Players have received Coding Rights!

Commands issued by prefacing with :nbsp& \\ are immune to gap based modification and will return a spoilerful, direct response from the mod (me, Nitori Kawashiro)

… ….. ..^.         _         _

The moon shall rise and fall 19 more times, and this petal incidentt will end in 19 days, as ordained by fateed

Fomo fgank yoi dear readers for your participation and I hope you will enjoy my polls too in the futureeeee
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This game is in perfectly improvised structure, meaning there are no rules and etiquette sans basic respect

Just type in whatever and our fuzzy rendering mod will complete the story
Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: Branneg Xy on June 16, 2021, 09:15:48 PM

> Hard ?

>  Easy ?

> Normal ?

> Lunatic...? LUNAtic.

> Boundaries and Barriers Upkeeping-Overseeing-Warding...?
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Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 27, 2021, 02:13:38 PM

> Hard ?

>  Easy ?

> Normal ?

> Lunatic...? LUNAtic.

> Boundaries and Barriers Upkeeping-Overseeing-Warding...?

As Branxis, no wait, Lenz? Lorenz? Brent or Benz? As what-her-name is forming, an incredible amount of mind matter streamed directly through Ran's body, into her limbs, through mine,
WisegodsofnatureyonderinvokethiswonderundermydutifulprayerLeadhopetoatemporarypactatmyfleshandact,completetowillittomoveandbeamediumoflifetoflythisworlduninhibited,with a new mind of its own
wow! Dizzying! Into the house of petals that has a name now! Its Lorenz! But Ran looks terribly drained, and her thoughts are still being extracted into Lorenz! Oh no!

"Sorry Ms. Ran, and come on Lorenz, we need to go and solve the incident now!" Lorenz and I took off in flight, while Ran weakly expressed strong bursts of emotions, I knew I made the right choice before this druid could take off too much life from Miss Ran!"

Lorenz herself is....Um, surprisingly blank, I guess that is expected of a shikigami used only to decode the petals, but she really does need me to tell her all the basics! Alright! Koishi Komeiji is very pumped to be a wet nurse!

"So Lorenz, is flying fun? Its your first time flying! You are just born as a Shikigami! Look at all these petals, are they not pretty?"

Lorenz is just dazzled and confused, her mind almost is like a stillborn, blank, bleating, while looking very energetic externally, so interesting! This contrast is definitely not observable in common circumstances.

"Don't worry about your fuzzy head Lorenz! I got a handful of petals from Ms. Ran, your surrogate mother, just chew and swallow and you will find out how to stop this incident!"

>Lorenz has acquired: A handful of petals
>Lorenz has gained a knowledge: Capacity to convert petals to knowledge by consumption
>Lorenz has mastered an ability: Flight
>Lorenz has gained a knowledge: (Heritage);Lorenz is a shikigami birthed of Yakumo Ran's mind matter and functional by Koishi Komeiji's input of a purpose of life. Lorenz's apparent mission is to resolve the petal incident.

Lorenz is feeling a bit dizzy again from all the knowledges I compiled and put in her pretty little head! Although I empathise, that still makes me feel a bit insulted, I am the best when it comes to planting ideas in people's heads! So if only you would know me! Oh right, hats!

"So the messy highlights in your head are the handiwork of mine! Once again, I am Koishi Komeiji, and my hat is the friend that helps me relax! <3 " I took a deep breath, and continued.

"You probably will not see me once your personality develops more fully, as I can only be interacted with by other people based on my mood, and some really odd ones like Ran would go into Zen for a couple days just to interact with me! But that's worth it! Because I can provide a favour nobody else can, to alter the subconscious and thinking processes of life or inanimate objects alike!"

Lorenz still looks confused, I could feel my chest deflating! Ah~~~I will just put the rest in her pretty little head directly so she will figure it out.

>Koishi Komeiji holds your hand with both her palms, and your foreheads touch....
>A stream of new information flooding into your mind!

>My name is Lorenz, I am a druid-origin Shikigami formed by Ran Yakumo's extraction of her own life essence, and injected into some sticks and trees and petals.

>My duty is to resolve the Sakura petal incident, my agency improves with the more energy I accumulate, and I can consume petals that may affect my energy levels with other side effects

Agency and energy

>I can fly, consume petals and read their information, or consume petals for their energy.

>My wet nurse is Koishi Komeiji, the hat is her friend, who will help me develop an identity, my mother is Ran Yakumo, who shall dispose of once the incident is resolved.


"Wait.....Some of that definitely does not add up" Lorenz, oh Lorenz! She is finally starting to have thoughts and speech!

"Yep yep! I am not the wet nurse, I am technically your papa! Because I am going to teach you more and more new things from now on!"

"No....Right.....Um.....No wait, me? Dispose of my mother Yakumo Ran? After the incident is over? And...and I think I could fly, and my heritage are not the same as what I remembered, and I can eat petals or read them?"

Lorenz's panicked mind quickly skimmed through the petals I gave her, and the words "Plague", "Apocalypse", "Joy", "Unity", "Pride" are beamed into mine! Wow, Lorenz's ability is so useful!

"Plague, Apocalypse, Joy, Unity, Pride... Woah! You just did...."
"Plague, Apocalypse, Joy, Unity, Pride... Oh no! I did not read your mind! Your subconscious seems to just go directly to your control of your body! I don't know what that means either, but that was not mind reading, nope! Nope! Your mind is still a fledging, like a baby! Right now you are like a transmission pager for me, Great Detective Koishi, to figure out the mischief and foul play behind! Come on Lorenz! Gobble em' petals up and lets make land to think!"


Koishi and Lorenz thus descended quickly into a patch of the Forest of Magic, sitting down on a small clearing; Meanwhile, Koishi has shut off her physical and subconscious ability and is now imperceptible.

I, Lorenz, am feeling parched and would like to test out 'consuming' some of these petals, but I also need to find their meaning...

This is all so confusing, I close my eyes and pray, why have I come to this world? What do these words even mean? I wish there are answers, what should I do?

Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: Branneg Xy on June 27, 2021, 08:58:31 PM
Housekeeping is a great job!

> Pray...

> Any more "petals" or "petal-gatherers"in the vicinity to be Found...

> Could we try to use the available ones as a lead-to others...

> Could we discern more intel and meaning by  a more deep focus-connection incident-resolvo the "petals"

> Each "uniqueness" of the Petals could...could possibly be a means,a step-up to see through and act The True Root of this Oetals,same "petals" Over-blooming...?
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Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 30, 2021, 01:12:20 AM
As Lorenz absorbed herself in deep prayer. The winds quieted down into a soothing rhythm, and her skin becomes warm, radiant, a small bonfire kindled within her beating chest.

> Pray...

Lorenz reviewed herself. What is she? A fairy like existence, but not exactly so, as she is well dressed of fae origin, and the lack of wings speak much about her capacity.

As Lorenz absorbed even deeper in prayer and introspection, her hunger seems to fade further, and it could be an intrinsic ability for her to find nourishment simply being near the petals, or the Forest of Magic by extension…

> Pray...

Content with her findings, Lorenz gently allowed her conciousness to drift further into an ambigious sea of concepts, as her hazy mind blurred in the comfort of a few cozy spots of sensation on her body….

“And Alice Margatroid found herself struck by the blue thunder of justice!”

Alice quickly raised a barrier over herself and the doll field , but the thing that barrelled towards her is none other than

“Marisa! How many times have I told you to not hit people with your body!”

“Sorry about that, but I need to take this little one away?”

“You stay out of this, this is the closest I have

Are you sure we can leave her like that?

“Probably, yes, likely, now what do I do with the doll? She looks very dead from my point”

Just press her against your device, chances are she is like the same composition as my guess.

“Do NOT do whatever the kappa is telling you to Marisa, she is only looking to take the doll for herself”

“I know dammit, but its a long way out of your forest, and to the shrine, or the village, let me at least pretend to be on your side for one second”

Alice Margatroid was in hot pursuit over the trails of Marisa, as she rode on her trusty broom and weaved truly dizzying patterns through the trees and branches, scattering all sorts of collision signals and distortion, and drawing patterns on the radar, NitroPlus^TM AutoCompleteDaemon

“Yeah, no, bye”


Marisa quickly picked up altitude even with a body in tow, as the fleet footed reporter, Aya Shameimaru, traced her steps as the heroine shook off the dasdtardly witch of the forest and the conglomerate tracking beacon, and dashed off into the blue horizons unknown, her form receding into a small dot.

“You live next to that conglomerate like I do to the witch so you better watch your back!”
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Post by: NucleusWaffles on June 30, 2021, 01:35:21 AM

And as Marisa Kirisame paced impatiently around the tea table, ignoring the assortment of truly sumptuous spread of marmalades, teas, and pasties on offer, we quietly noted the situation was truly of severe gravitas .

Yet however, the delectable taste of taking a hold of the forest magician convent was too irresistible , especially at the meagre cost of a few bricks and their associated repairs.

Remilia Scarlet’s brow furrowed at the platitudes of options available to her, on the burgundy throne carved of acicia, drenched in ancient welsh of anguish over untold eons.

“Master Remilia, Lady Patchouli, Honorable Miss Kirisame,

“Drop that cra-

“I interrupt your delightful meeting to inform that a 12 feet tall unsolicited guest has entered through five layers of brick wall, and is estimated to join your company in …”

With a perfect prose, Sakuya Izayoi flipped open her watchcase and left her entry in the notes.

“… 50 seconds, I believe “

“ Bleed that one dry, we have been starving for some meat “

“Remi, you are too complacent without Sakuya amending your errors, this will likely be your downfall”

Oh ho? is what Remilia Scarlet seemed to convey with a haughty gaze from atop her altar, as her eyelashes arranged into a truly mesmerising waveform to dutifully transpire her grandoise , expectant , disdain at her audience roughly to starport and angularly inclined.

“ I would like to see them try “

Title: Re: Phantasmagoria Flower Viewing Incident in 2021
Post by: NucleusWaffles on July 01, 2021, 08:26:48 AM
“Sakuya, we are tagging out.”

Remilia Scarlet unleashed another red pulse, forming a crystalline barrier of impalements to eliminate 1/3 of the visible forces, before taking an entry out from 11 o’clock, followed by a pincer attack from Izayoi Sakuya 3 seconds after this message is read.

“This book is useful, no? Margatroid.”

“Margatroid is trying her best right now, please.”

“I certainly wish we had more to communicate than to this extent, but as another human being, I lack these fancy tools, just another sharp weapon to use.”

Izayoi Sakuya stabbed without strategy or rhythm, yet she is someone to be fully focused on at the start. This is a correct decision, now that we are very well covered behind another wall, expect Remilia Scarlet to recover for three minutes minimum, this is a free time for dialogue.

“Sakuya, I only am worried about Marisa, I know about your history, and about the pride

Sakuya launched a knife that cut Alice’s ribbon, or would have, before she caught it defly and forced the book to move in anticipation of damage.

“And I know you and your tricks very well, Margatroid. I made my bed and I am comfortable in it, and you shall not get the way you want things to end.”

“I say with confidence, it was hard to get the angels into puppetry, and it was also hard to get the devils into bookkeeping. These are my achievements when you are all simply guarding a small piece of land engaging in devilry hobbies, and my good name shall not be sullied

Alice loses control of her dolls, as Flandre Scarlet, Patchouli Knowledge abandoned both their posts to launch a three pronged attack to decouple the string binding mechanism, the physical control of the object, and Sakuya Izayoi dropped all implements for a physical tackle with no mind input. Remilia Scarlet is now sucking the blood of Alice Margatroid, and shall disable her in roughly two-and-a-half minutes.

“Lady Patchouli, “ Sakuya maintained her composition despite a completely shallow , chaotic , disjoined breathing pattern, “Could you not have done this sooner?”

Patchouli Knowledge, the great librarian of the immovable tower, responded in a burly, sultry tone of baritone.

“This book will always check for the user’s will, I must complete it while Alice is knocked out. And find a good timing and slot to slip in, its complicated, I emphasise, complicated

Alice Margatroid can however, be noted to truly be insufferably attached to Marisa Kirisame, despite her treachery and greed being extraordinarily obvious, there could truly be axioms of decision to be commented as the two and a half minutes are up.

“Remi, its okay now, I have shut off the main source.”

Remilia Scarlet let off Alice Margatroid’s limp, flushed body off gently, initially fascinated too by the intense sensuality of her takedown and at the deceptive feminity of the soft, volpulous, silky form of her victim, before regaining her good charisma and common sense and dropped the dollmaker’s unconcious body on the cold stone floor in a thud.

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When Alice Margatroid came to her senses, she found herself suspended from the chandelier by a 16-knot spine rope binding, locking her completely immobile in a humiliating fashion.

“Lady Patchouli, I thought usually you would have more empathy for a fellow of your practices.”

Sakuya Izayoi’s handiwork remains as perfectly committed as ever, as each of her knots appear to be uniquely sized and visibly different based on the joint that must be disabled, yet, the overall composition is aesthetically pleasing, using a mix of silk and torted ropes to complete a display befitting of the sorry arrogance who has decimated walls and expunged likely decades of preparation.

“Lady Patchouli, she’s coming on.”

“….I used a last trick before I was knocked out, Izayoi Sakuya, it seems your faction has obtained access to some sort of ‘tama jewels’ , and gotten acquainted with some Greater Tengu, hm?”

I took a moment to appreciate the shock and momentary silence from the Scarlets’, nonetheless, my thoughts are transcribed in parallel with astounding accuracy by this library and her infinite amounts of fairies, and the gall to call me, a simple smol dollmaker, weird when she has this kinds of feti-

“Look, Margatroid, I really do not know how you got a hold of that information, and I would appreciate if you reserve some respect for my preferences as I did not pry into whatever horrid secrets you kept in your own giant tome.”

“…..Sakuya, kindly please unhand me from this humiliating position”

“Unhand her, Sakuya.”

“What?” An exasperated Remilia Scarlet exclaimed, “Just like that? After all the effort we put in?”

“Yes, just like that, we are letting her go, we still have Flandre holding her Grimoire, and she cant go loose without it.”

And honestly, my pride may go down the drain if the Margatroid runs her tongue loose any further, curse her and her charming outlooks, the sly fox witch.

As Sakuya Izayoi finished unhanding me from my peril, I, Alice Margatroid, regained control of a minimum number of dolls required to continue documentation of our ongoing exchange, and I proceeded.

“I used some unspecified last spell as my conciousness was being drained, and through this last spell, I could see a peek of future realities and possibilities despite my complete absence in recent years.”

You mean the shipments you obtained from the Human Village, relying on human industry, when you are a pureblooded forest magician of a proud lineage.

“Look Patchy, not everyone has to be as pure about witchery bloodlines and traditions as long as they get things done.”

“Says the literal vampire running a literal castle of devils

“Sakuya, why is Patchy and Remi fighting?”

“Ah, Little Miss Scarlet, it appears to be that our Lady Patchouli is flustered from being exposed of her obsessive tendencies from long term repression of her desires, and Lady Patchouli is not thinking quite straight now.”

Remilia Scarlet smiled annoyingly , acting as if she knew whats going on

“Well Sakuya, it seems teatime is in order.”

“Certainly Mistress, let us proceed to tea time after cleaning up this mess. Ms Margatroid, would you please lend a hand?”

“And you are not getting your Grimoire back until you finish!” Hissed the proudful, ever helpful One Week Magician
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“Marisa, Marisa Kirisame, this is Nazrin speaking from your satchel, we need to talk.”

“Nazrin, Nazrin of the Yaerngham boroughs, I am flying at a very fast six tenny knots nautical miles.”

“This is not a threat, I am arranged set so we can freely converse, and Unzan nor Lady Hijiri has air control, we are not in a position to ….

Nazrin paused in embarassment,

…. To clap you, because you insist I say the word when I negotiate with you.”

“Yeah thats right hun, clap me! I love it when you use that word in your squeaky serious voice, and that discipline! That smallness! I am never landing anywhere ever again.”

“Marisa, focus, my set up does not include clapping you, but if you force me to I can possibly arrange something with Nue or Murasa, whom I explicitly did not cover in my opening claims.”

“Look here its more like these are the only people you got because the loyal tiger ain’t nowhere I could see, Lady Hijiri is not on this, you are busted little one.”

Annoyingly astute despite her reckless facade, truly something to learn from and a valuable target. Nazrin jotted down in her notes with third person, just to keep her cool.

“Marisa Kirisame, I am here to tell you to fight.”

“Already doin’ plenty of flightin’, and theres plenty of other fights you could attend to~~~”

Nazrin expected this response, but had to redouble herself and her positions before the hardball request.

“Marisa Kirisame, I am asking you to drop your broom and fight on the hard solid ground.

Our enhanced flight by the petals is, hate as I say it, part of the Saint’s groupies plan, and they are horrifyingly successful thus far.

I will now give you the fruits of our research, and as long as you find the Taishi, and it must be the Taishi, not the dish dancer nor the masked general, and especially not the necromancer, repeatedly slam these two words into her, and things shall be better.”

Marisa Kirisame probably did not finish hearing half of my spiel before intuitively grabbing and snatching away the crystallisation of our work, is she the right person to trust? Mamizou, I truly wish this was the thing.

“….. Yeah, I got the idea, I will make sure its done, thanks for the nice long flight and private talk, havent been able to enjoy that in a long while.”

“Marisa Kirisame, does that mean you understand, accept, and shall act upon the implied expectations of the knowledge bestowed upon you?”

“I dont know, but you have set this up well, and I would be retarded if I dont know how to proceed from this point onwards, and I am not retarded, and I like my fights.”

“So the deal is sealed then, Marisa Kirisame.”

“It is, now mind if I touch you a little bit?”


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.. …..

“Halt! The one in blue and white! Halt there, and trepasser no further!”

Marisa ignored the spinning plates and their whirling noises, and ledgered dangerously close to Mononobe no Futo’s sharp, azaleagenous features.


“Klondaiwa Bepesiuella”

Futo i stantly dropped all her shiina, collapsed into a fit of rolling feral fetal hysterics.

Marisa Kirisame honed in, bent over to pressure ever closer to Futo’s perfectly trimmed hairline, and whispered against in her ear at the most intoxicating rhythm.

Uton udon futofuto, Klondaiwa Bepesiuella

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In the final stretch of the hallway marking the atrium of the Dream Mausoleum and the throne of the eternal light of Ten Desires, sat atop

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Alongside her two most trusted aides, Seiga Nyanfei and Director Yoshika, both of whom had literal plastered smiles across their deep pits of abyss, where no light shall ever escape.

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Kaku Seiga stood at attention, unfurled a long silken scroll with an emboiled backend, marked lovingly in karma sutra hypnotic patterns belonging to the hills of tagalongurdua, of the indistinguishable emerald hazy clouds belonging to the one and only skies.

“Seiga-dono, you may now proceed”

Hijori is bald
Hihiri has dyed hair
Hiori is a literal bordfosh
Hihiji is a loser!
Hijiri (/*/* Slah
Hijiri is not vodka

Hijiri sucks!
Hijiri is a boatsr with giant!
Hijiiii iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiii

Amidst the chorus of mourns that would put souls to ease in Higan, with the infinite grace and tolerance of a thousand radiant suns converging on the path of one sense, Towa ono Satomonoko breathed into her custom-ordered-3.5mm-Sparkplug-AluminiumCoated-Eatmuffs

seiga dono, thar is he most excellent assemvlt ive had to wotneas

I wish I could tell you, my darling, the same, but I have lost all my sense of smell.

pway just twell how long i musk kept breaing int this apparatus, it twas moust extrordinarily uncomf

Until you are duly vaccinated for 14 days, darling, we have gone onto this issue before.

i ama sawin there musk seem anothrr path, like the kappas, ask nitroi , call nitroi

Nitori Kawashiro, the head kappa enginneer of the Youkai Mountain of Comfort, is detained on fifty odd counts of gleeful universal disassembly, linguistic compendium lisp and gun rearrangement control ordinances, vandalism and acquisition of aerosols based refineries, smuggling and arsonism of ancient greecian roman axis grounds of treasonry.

lets now calm down and just call Nitori Kawashiro, stress the empty Ah, pit it on Kawashiro, assups.

Toyosatomimi no Miko’s wristband marked a perfectly stable, seventy-two pounds per circuminute, as she respired at the standard rate of twenty-three-point-thrity on her battery charged dual purpose muffler, which has now covered her face orifices, as Seiga Kaku and Toyosatomimi no Miko stared down each other. Director Yoshika chewed on her cheque, displeased with the blandness.
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This is the end.


Have I taken a step back? Which side is truth or justice lies? The noise and quiet hum of the hakkero gently filled the air with an inexplicable tension.

My name is Toyosatomimi no Miko, I am a Saint.

Myself and my allies belong in the Maosuleum of Dreams, but our incarnation and binding in Gensokyo has been growing more extreme. Extremely weak? Extremely strong? These denominators make little difference, the importance is that from whence once was stable, chaos has slipped in, and the rise of chaos is a chance for people, no, puppets to manifest and rule as the pinnacle of concepts in the root world.

My nemesis, Marisa Kirisame, the cutter, the sharkmouth, the one replacer of the Oceania, Orfkikans, and Ouropa.

My nemesis has ruled the forgotten world, and forgotten it all herself.

Then she discarded the concept of forgetting, holding only onto a universal, pocket marvel of engineering, the universal rule of concepts.

The mini-hakkero, where two lines of heaven and earth denotes a significantly sophisticated thermal vent, disposable burnt lines, rare earth metals, and a firehole guranteed to work on any foe to deserve its wrath.

And I could send this to my nemesis.
I desire the Hakkero.
I would raise heaven or hell for the Marisa’s head.
The world wants to see it fired.
Our world needs that light of incineration to remind us of our insolence.
Their world needs the light of damnation to remind them of our wrath.

“My dear guest, friend, partner. Kirisame Marisa, thank you for attending my mausoleum, our abode for the divine spirits that have lost their way.”

Marisa Kirisame looked around at the new background, rendering before her very eyes, I take notice of her trance and gesture my Ruling slate in a slicing motion to her neck, and the deed is done.

“… guts, they have been pierced and purged out from behind, a sharp claw first crushing my spleen, moving further downwards to destroy a kidney, and bursting out in front to truncate my descending colon and mesentery arcade, this is bad.”

“Marisa here, Miko there, none of us are bleeding, what is wrong with you? Geez, I figured I would just comment on how nice your new home is, and you pull this victim stuff on me?”

…………………I cant speak, the vision is disabling, resoundingly real, but Marisa does not seem concerned. Is this Koishi’s ability? Did she intuitively destroyed my subconcious self across the trans-dimensional pathway?

“Anyway, I don’t like your sour face, I just need to deliver two words to you, repeat them until you get it, whatever that means, so I will start and after I finish get out of there and get some help for ya’, mmmkay?”

In my mind, almost blanking from the intense pain of confusion of the illusionary assault, I moved an eyelid.

“Pepper beggar, Pe-pe-pe-pa, be-ga-argh. Do you get it? I need to follow this script here.”

The pain becomes worse, but what could be a possible correct response? I could feel a cold, phantom, smooth silky hand on my other kidney, despite my full armor and the innumerable barriers in place to protect my physical body, all these labours of sainthood, fragile, powerless as I feel the nails again breaching my skin in its phantasmal grip.

“This Toyosatomimi no Miko, is preggers, I progged and progged but there were none the wiser, drop the liars, I see where I gone sour, me and my aides, failed to soar, I was preggers, I am preggers, I let loose early, as a dirty coomer.”

Snap, and Marisa Kirisame got the excerpt of my surrender declaration, now to be broadcasted for the rest of the world.

“Sorry we had to do this, the petals were too much, honestly I liked the blocky days better myself too, but the Outside World has spoken, and what needs to be done needs to be done.”

Marisa Kirisame tried not to look back, both at the truly saddening, decimated mess of a Saint’s sacrifice in respect, and because Koishi Komeiji may also stab out the witch’s own spiritual guts if she triggers the wrong mental flag.


“Marisa, I have just one more message for you to pass on.”


“What, cat got your tongue?”

“Share this as my last truimph, and remember well the last roar of Toyosatomimi no Miko…”

Marisa, intuitively, knew to crush the audio recording device.

And Toyosatomimi no Miko collapsed, finally, having been freed of her curse.

“That ta-ta dodoface, going all serious n’ stuff when this was just gonna gather mold in my house. Idiot.”

Gaining no sense of satisfaction, Marisa exited Senkai, having perfectly brought an end to the irrational Flower Viewing Incident.

~The End of the Phastasmagorial Flower Viewing Incident in 2021~


NW, NMW, AbemaTV, UAL, SGUL, SW, CF, AAPL, MSDOS, Sell Tella Birchwood Lasangna, AUA, RADO, BT, MSJ, P.Ę. , R.Ś. , Ł.T., NASA, The Great British Bake-Off


Whew, this game took time to make! Before I drafted the concept I was thinking how hard it must be to deliver the Touhous to this specific context, because the digital NFTs gaining real monetary value really messed up all sorts of things. It took literally some mixed IRL approach using a naked IP, a couple of flights and in-house alcohol, and lots of scribbled pen and paper drafts, finally lovingly compiled and timed to deliver the strongest curated dose into (your) heart, but also needs to be reasonably worthwhile and not too long and too short! (Even TF2, Unity3D, and Mocap got overrun, and it was really, really hard.)

In the end, I probably would go learn and pick up a few more tools other than plaintext and paper after this, or buy an actual pure machine, just to check out all the jazz, the models don’t inspire hope in me, and they probably never will, but sometimes I have to take the hope and create a better one myself! And now its your turn, folks.

~Saigyouji Yuyuko, Nether Princess of the Underworld

Perfect Blossom?

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 :extend: Thanks for your effort and work.

(A bit of Q&A,if you would and if if available)What would have been the "main differences in incident-resolution and approaches  " with other Teams&Difficulties?